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idk why they’d make a dead anya action figure 

it’s like

yes i would love to buy this so i can see it every day and remind myself of a traumatic last buffy episodE AND LOOK AT MY DEAD FAVOURITE CHARACTER EVERY DAY WHY DON’T YOU MAKE DEAD SPIKE DOLLS TOO WHILE YOURE AT IT

They actually did make a dying Spike Action figure. Here’s the proof!

All we need is a shot Tara and The Gift Buffy action figure that actually jumps into  the portal it comes with to create a montage of pain!


I hate to burst your bubble guys

But they’re out there

BONUS: Spike’s death scene AGAIN 

Is there Joyce on the couch out there? If so I am DONE.

Prepare to be very done, my friend:


Don’t let that ruin your mood, though. Because this exists, too:






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I just downloaded SketchBook Copic Edition. AND IT’S REALLY GREAT!
The interface it’s like the other SketchBook programs but I love how the colors can be blended and treated almost like real Copic markers!, I’m exited.

I’m sharing my first drawing here so it’s not so cool…but I’ll be practicing a lot with this thing.
The download it’s easy and you can find the program for free in the AppStore, here: DOWNLOAD

Hope you guys enjoy the program as much as I did!

*A* And a link for Windows users.

This is the program I use. I love it.

Downloading this now. 8D


Check out the all-star lineup of cast and celeb fans appearing on the new special, Orphan Black: The Cloneversation!

In this all-new one-hour special, cast members, celebrity guests and hard-core fans gather to celebrate BBC AMERICA’s dramatic conspiracy thriller in Orphan Black: The Cloneversation. Wil Wheaton (The Big Bang Theory) hosts Golden Globe® nominated lead actress Tatiana Maslany, and clone club favorites Jordan Gavaris, (Felix), Dylan Bruce (Paul) and Evelyne Brochu (Delphine) along with clone-club member, Patton Oswalt (The Goldbergs) – as they look back at some of the most intense, funny and heart-stopping moments from season one and a look ahead at the explosive new season. In addition, fans will have their burning questions answered and get an exclusive look at the making of this pop-cultural phenomenon.

Orphan Black: The Cloneversation premieres Saturday, April 12 at 8:00pm ET/PT on BBC AMERICA.

We want YOU to be a part of this event, so if you haven’t submitted your #CloneClub videos and fan art, click HERE to find out how to participate!




Teacher’s Message to Parents: “We Don’t Suck…You Suck!”

This is supposed to be funny and some of it is, but as a high school teacher myself I barely laughed. This is serious.

I ran into my old middle math teacher. She was a wonderful teacher. She strengthen my math skills to the point that high school classes were a breeze and I earned a 4.0 in my math classes in college. While it’s my opinion, she was a good teacher. Maybe not the best, but she never neglected me.

Over the past year she has been harassed in and out of school by parents. They send her hateful emails every time their child does poorly on a test. They protest at school board meetings because their child is no longer receiving straight A’s. 

And because their parents are disrespecting this teacher, the kids think it’s okay to talk back, refuse to work and gang up on her.

The parents expect her to give her students 20+ problems of homework a night and for her to grade each problem every single day. As a current teacher with 150 students that would take minimum 2-3 hours a day.

When she tried to explain that her time would better be spent preparing more in depth and comprehensive lesson plans for her students and the odd answers to the homework are in the back of the book, the parents invaded the school board meetings in an attempt to get her fired.

The superintendent? He has taken the parents’ side. His mornings and afternoons are apparently best spent watching cameras documenting what time she enters and leaves the building. She has held onto her job by the tips of her fingers for the last two years as not a single person will stand up for her.

Teachers are not respected. People think that because they spent 12 years in the public education system, they know what teachers do. Let me tell you this, as a teacher, you have no fucking clue.

I work 60 hours a week planning lessons, attending meetings, talking to parents and communicating with the administration and other teachers of my students. Not to mention grading tests that I practically give the answers to and my students throw that back in my face writing garbage on their tests.

They used to throw candy out at parades for the kids. My students, instead of collecting and eating the candy, stick their heads out, get hit in the eye and then their parents threaten to get me fired. I THROW CANDY AT MY STUDENTS AND THEY THROW IT BACK IN MY FACE.

Just because your kid doesn’t get a good grade doesn’t mean they have a bad teacher. It might mean that they are actually challenged for once. Or their past fantastic teacher shrugged at your child’s apathy and just passed them along.

If you correlate good teaching to good grades, teachers and administration will make their class a joke, give your child all the answers and cause them to be considerably unprepared for their future studies. 

TL;DR Please, before you attack a teacher think about the fact that we are people too. We have lives, families and you don’t become a teacher unless you truly want to see young people succeed and thrive.

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